Resume / CV

Name:Jurubita Elisei

Location: Alexandria/Romania

Occupation: A bit of this a bit of that,sketchup freelancer, cnc engineer/machinist

Education: Highschool graduated

Experience: Includes mainly 3D modeling in Sketchup(since 2005 when I got in contact with it). Since then I am modeling and rendering  all kind of stuff for pleasure and for a living(my portfolio says all about it).


Awards,Prizes: 3rd place in Local Motors Rally Fighter's Light bar contest





Skills,Hobbies&Tallents: Sketchup,driving,mechanical engineering, reading, cnc machinist...

Language:romanian(mother language),english,a bit of spanish

Services(what i offer) :

-modeling in Google Sketchup[automotive designs,furniture,architecture designs,conceptual designs,mechanical designs

-renders of 3d models in sketchup

-tutorials at request

-photomanipulation(retouching,background removal etc.) 

-logo creation,site headers,banners etc

-cnc works- decorations,frames,logos,publicity signs etc

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